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Leadercast of Northeast Indiana
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Thursday, May 11, 2023 - Kruse Plaza, Auburn, IN


The world is changing faster than ever. We are all constantly bombarded on every side with noise and messaging, most of which we don’t even ask for. With all of this noise, we can lose sight of what matters most. And what matters most is people. As leaders, we must evolve and change with the culture, but we cannot sacrifice our humanity.


Leadercast 2023: Human Intelligence will help leaders embrace that they are ultimately leading people, not simply a company or an organization. In a world that's gone digital, leaders need human intelligence.

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Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing through April 1st!


$79/per person (regularly $99/per person)

Nonprofit and Educators discounts available. Email us for promo code. 

Human Intelligence will help leaders worth following thrive by being fully human - mastering empathy, communication, inclusion, trust and motivation.


Human Intelligence features eight prominent leaders. Each sharing from their field of expertise and personal background how other leaders can develop higher Human Intelligence.

Watch this video for a preview of this year's event!


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