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An Innovative Approach
To Cultivate Leadership

We know strong leaders are key to cultivating a thriving community. In today's fast-paced, ever-changing world, a community must help connect, train, and grow its pool of leaders in a way that is intentional and sustainable. When people become more knowledgeable, connected, and compassionate, not only do they feel more invested in their community, but they feel more responsible for its future.

Fortify LEADS is positioned to be a catalyst for this effort. The program challenges community champions at all levels of influence to cope with the complexities of the day, take informed risks, and put what is good for the community at the center of their decision-making- both personally and professionally.

These trained individuals will be armed with a deep understanding of themselves and their community. They will have honed the skills to maximize their collective and individual strengths to drive positive change through leadership and civic responsibility.

By balancing world-renowned training and facilitation with a local emphasis, Fortify LEADS is uniquely positioned to reach a broad sector of emerging leaders and encourage them to step up into key roles and lean into courageous leadership strategies.

People not only need to be connected to an organization's mission, but to those working al
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